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Here are some of our favorite off-leash summer trails in Central Oregon. Click the Google map below for more info on each. We also recommend downloading the Dogpac map/brochure — available at local pet shops, at Bend Park and Recreation District headquarters, or at kiosks in the off-leash areas. The "adventure map" is available in local bike and outdoor stores and is a great resource for running and biking trails, as well as XC ski trails. 

Deschutes National Forest
photo feb 15, 6 40 26 pm.jpg


  • Off-leash September 15- May 15

  • Great near-town quality hiking

  • Follows the river, so dogs have opportunities to drink and swim

  • Dogs must be on leash between May 15 and September 15 

  • Dogs may be off leash when in the water, so you can play "river fetch" at any point on the river trail — but be aware of logs and rocks below the surface. The leash regulation ends about a quarter mile downstream of the Meadow parking area (about where people climb)

  • Video of short portion of river trail



  • Popular year-round off-leash location for dog walking

  • There's a network of trails and dirt roads, and the river is accessible if you walk/run/bike in a ways (to the south).

  • The portion to the east (toward Entrada Lodge) is open and can get hot in the summer

  • The portion to the west (toward Widgi Creek and Meadow Camp) has more tree cover

  • Video of Rim Rock/Good Dog

  • Site Information

  • Detailed Map of Good Dog



  • Great hiking fairly close to town.

  • The "dogs on leash" sign applies only to the parking lot

  • Please keep leashes on until you're past the viewpoint for the falls (that short stretch is very popular)

  • Follow the North Fork trail along the creek above the falls

The Deschutes National Forest has leash restrictions on more miles of summer trails than any other national forest in Oregon. We're working to change that. Currently, dogs are not allowed off-leash:

  • In developed sites, such as parking areas and campgrounds.

  • Between May 15 and September 15 on the Deschutes River Trail between Benham Falls and Meadow Camp.

  • Between July 15 and September 15 on trails in the Three Sisters Wilderness between South Sister Climbers Trail and Todd Lake.

  • Shevlin and the River Trail upstream from Bend to the footbridge above the Southern Crossing are Bend Park and Recreation areas, and dogs are not allowed off-leash on those trails.

  • Dogs ARE allowed off-leash while playing "river fetch" in the national forest, even along restricted trails.

Remember that many Forest Service parking areas require the Northwest Forest Pass or day pass. 

Three Sisters Wilderness and The Badlands
photo aug 30, 3 17 16 pm.jpg


  • You’ll find a rugged beauty in Oregon’s Badlands, dry and prickly with ancient juniper and volcanic ridges

  • Fifty miles of trails wind through 29,000 acres, 16 miles east of Bend on Highway 20

  • You’ll encounter hikers, horseback riders and wildlife in the Badlands, so make sure your dog is in your control at all times

  • Trails of note include Badlands Rock Trail, Flatiron Rock Trail, and Tumulus Trail

  • These are spring, fall and winter trails as summertime brings hot sandy soil that burns our dog's feet.

photo feb 28, 10 13 29 am.jpg


  • More trails.....



  • Off-leash September 15- May 15

  • Stunning, very popular trail to multiple lakes.

  • Trails can be blocked by snow until mid-July.

Mountain Bikes

Dogs are allowed on most mountain bike trails on the national forest. We ask both dog owners and mountain bikers to be courteous and considerate of other trail users. For safety, avoid busy trails and move off the trail with your dog when a mountain bike approaches.

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