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Off-leash Areas


The 2009 opening of 7 off-leash areas (OLAs) was a huge improvement for Bend dog guardians.
Now with 8 and a new park coming soon, DogPAC has continued to work with the Bend Park & Recreation District to enhance off-leash opportunities.

 Below you can find information on Bend's OLAs. For directions click on google map of each OLA via the markers. Please email us with any corrections / additions.


Big Sky

  • 5 Acres, fenced & unfenced areas

  • Desert terrain, Juniper lined trails

  • Parking lot / entry near Baseball Field #5

Photo Mar 10, 5 28 34 PM.jpg


  • Approx. 3.5 acres, unfenced

  • Large area with grass & trees

  • Adjacent on-leash canal trail

  • Parking lot on NE 12th / Jones Rd

IMG_0828 (3).JPG


  • Approx. 3 acres, fenced

  • Wooded, Natural terrain

  • Separate Small Dog Park

  • Parking off of Wilson or SE 15th St


Discovery park

  • 1.6 Acres, fenced 

  • Open space, great for catch

  • Street parking on NW Discovery Park Dr



  • 4 acres, fenced

  • Short trails, natural terrain

  • Access off NW 17th through Overturf Park

  • Access off NW Skyliner Summit Loop

IMG_0982 (2).JPG


  • 1.1 acresfenced, river access

  • Separately fenced doggy beach

  • Large open space, sunny

  • Parking lot off SW Columbia St


hillside park

  • Approx. 5 acres, partially fenced 

  • Natural terrain, trails, open area for catch

  • Limited parking on Trenton 


pine nursery

  • Approx. 18 acres, Partially fenced

  • Natural terrain, grassy areas, large field

  • Separate Small Dog Park 

  • Parking Lot - Yeoman Street Entry

Coming Soon 2.png




Off W Antler / SW Black Butte Blvd (Black Butte turns into Antler if you are coming from the east off hwy 97) between NW 15th Street and NW 17th Street.

photo sep 13, 10 38 01 pm.jpg

bennington properties

Bennington Properties focuses on dog loving activities.  For more information go to Bennington Properties.

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