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Summer heat can cause dogs to overheat, especially if you're running or mountain biking. Be sure to provide "cool down" breaks and access to water for drinking/swimming. Check out Meredith's heatstroke tips. There are also other hazards — from cheatgrass to coyotes. Both humans and pooches love being on the trails, but keep your dog's health in mind.

Leaving poop on or alongside trails is inconsiderate and damaging to our cause. Be sure to keep trails poop-free. Dogs often poop near the trailhead, so have a bag handy and keep a close eye on your pooch when he gets out of the car. Dogpac provides poop dispensers and trash cans at the Rimrock/Good Dog! area and at the Phil's trailhead parking lot. Elsewhere, please pack out the poop (zip-locs help seal the smell). Alternatively, bury the poop in a cathole. With a trowel to dig and bark/sticks/rocks for pushing poop into the hole, it's easy!

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