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Summer Fun!


scout hi there
scout hi there




Winter Fun!


Scout Keg Pull
Scout Keg Pull

wdw4 lake
wdw4 lake



Kapka West


Did you know that the Forest Service is considering moving our winter trails to the area southwest of the Sunriver Cutoff?  We will keep you updated on the progress of these discussions.



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DogPAC is totally funded by your donations. Please consider helping us out.  Your donation goes to winter grooming, maintenance of poop stations at various off-leash areas, and to educating the public to be responsible dog owners.

Practice good etiquette to sustain and expand your access.

Tips for off-leash areas (OLAs) and trails:


  1. Most Important — always carry a leash and poop bags.

  2. Pick up after your dog. If you're bagless on the trail, bury the poop - it'll be less offensive and will decompose faster.

  3. Keep your dog in sight and under voice control, or on leash.

  4. If your dog is not relaxed and friendly around people or other dogs, keep him on leash (and out of dog parks).

  5. If you meet children, dog-averse people, dogs on-leash, mountain bikers, or horses on the trail, have your dog sit and stay, or leash up while they pass by.

  6. When you visit an OLA, unleash and walk around with your dog. This will encourage good dog interactions.

  7. If your dog does get into a problem situation, don't stand there and yell - go get him!

  8. Even a good dog can be unpredictable, and not everyone wants to meet your dog, even if he's friendly. Err on the side of caution and courtesy. Remember, you are liable for any damage or injury caused by your dog.


Share these tips with a friend.

Off-leash Trail Activity Summary

Bruce Johnson, DogPAC Member


The DogPAC Board has been working with the Forest Service and the Bend Park Recreation District to enhance off-leash trail recreation opportunities near Bend.  Several planned and proposed projects may have an impact on trails that are popular with people who like to walk, run or bike with their dogs on public lands.

DogPAC continues to work for opportunities to hike, bike, run and play with our dogs off-leash on public lands close to the population centers of Central Oregon.It has been shown that dog owners are much more likely to engage in recommended levels of physical activity than non-dog owners.Our dogs simply won’t accept “I don’t feel like getting out today” as a valid excuse for staying on the couch.More physically active people have fewer health issues like obesity and diabetes, thus reducing the health care burden on all of us.Providing the opportunity for dog owners to get out and exercise with their dogs is arguably one of the best possible uses of our public lands.


If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or offers to help our mission please share them with us.  We could use your input.

Some of our activities and accomplishments
Our Mission

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at Trailheads (links to PayPal)

  • Working with BPRD to create more off leash water access for dogs within Bend City Limits.

  • Providing support to build a Spray Park for dogs at the Bob Wenger OLA at Pine Nursery OLA.

  • Provide information and promote responsible dog guardianship, especially relating to off-leash recreation.

  • Adopt and maintain the Deschutes River Trail and broader Rim Rock (Good Dog!) area between LOGE' and Meadow Camp.

  • Create, maintain, and groom Central Oregon's only groomed ski and snowshoe trails that allow dogs.

  • Provide poop bags and empty "poop trash" at Rim Rock (Good Dog!), the Wanoga winter trail, and the Phil's Trail parking area.

  • Catalyze the relaxation of summer trail restrictions in the national forest (Deschutes River Trail and wilderness).

  • Sustain and expand forest and park off-leash access.

DogPAC's mission is to promote the health and enjoyment of dogs and their guardians through the provision of off-leash recreation opportunities in Central Oregon. We hope this site, our advocacy, and our on-the-ground work enhance your enjoyment of outdoor experiences with your dog. It is important for you and others that your dog behaves responsibly when off-leash.

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